Welcome to

Rockin JK Ranch

Welcome to the Rockin JK Ranch. We are located in Concho County approximately 4 miles east of Paint Rock TX. We began in 2017 with a piece of land to enjoy with the kids. What started as nothing but a place to play on atvs and sight in some guns was about to change our whole mind set to what Ranching was or could be. We started the ranching life with commercial dorper sheep and that was just because of a letter we received about having to have livestock to continue our ag exemption. We were drawn to the dorper sheep due to their easy care and good mothering tendencies. We grew from 11 head to a little over 50 the first year not to count the Livestock Guardian Dogs we also have. We were ranchers now and I thought my learning curves were over and out of the way.

Well, as the ol’ saying goes, I was wrong. My wife had mentioned getting Longhorns ever since we first got our land. Of course, me coming from cattle with my grandfather was not NO, but Heck No. All I could see was $$$$ being wasted, fences having to be repaired and horns were a danger. Oh yeah, and who wants to pay for yard art…. Well after going to a sheep sale and visiting with some people who had just started in the Longhorn Industry I was impressed and curious all in the same. So being the spontaneous person that I’am, which by the way drives my wife crazy, we were traveling that next weekend to just north of San Antonio to pick up our first 2 cows with calves. What we did not plan on was that bull calf coming home with us. We must admit we were scared to death as we loaded those 5 beautiful animals and headed home and soon beginning our Longhorn addiction.

We are currently at 13 head now including cows and calves along with our Herd Sire Rowdy’s Heavenly “Thunder” who is son of Rowdy HR the 2017 and 2018 Ultimate Bull and our Junior Sire Clout’s Autumn “HailFire” which is son of SR Clout 2019 Ultimate Bull. We have high hopes for both of these guys. Our goal is to raise quality Registered Texas Longhorns that have good temperaments, easy keepers, good mothering abilities, as well as horn and body conformation that people desire. So what started as a hobby and a purchase of some yard art has quickly evolved for us to a love of the breed. We have also met some of the most amazing people in the Longhorn Industry. We were told early on that Longhorn people are some of the best groups of people to be around. We can honestly say that was not a lie. We just hope to be those people who can help someone begin their journey in the Longhorn Breed just as they did us.